February 2010
Holmes & Yang - Second Collection  

With a very well-behaved Suri Cruise on her lap, Katie Holmes, along with her stylist-design partner Jeanne Yang, discussed their Holmes & Yang sophomore collection, offering Holmes’ love of dance as a reference point for the clothes. “We were inspired by the colors of a traditional ballet” — the lineup is all creams and black and pale, pale pinks — “and the lives of all our friends,” she said, pointing to a series of easy silk blouses and shirtdresses, leather jackets and a few sexier lace frocks. Those friends may include Victoria Beckham, but both Holmes and Yang insist their collection, which includes children’s clothing, is meant for a range of body types (though perhaps not bank accounts — a snug nude-colored suede motorcycle jacket has a suggested retail price of $3,688; if you want a Suri-approved crepe de chine number for your little one, be prepared to spend about $500 and up). read more here  

Holmes' approach to fashion, and her business in it, turns out to be decidedly low-key. "[I understand] more what goes into making a piece, creating something, and I think about that with the clothes I look at and want to buy," said Holmes, herself looking relaxed in a wool sweater, heels, and cuffed jeans; while we talked, her daughter Suri wandered in wearing one of the collection's adorable crepe de chine dresses (she will make a great editor one day: she sat on the couch between us, whispering occasionally in her mother's ear and watching the model and my notebook). Holmes and Yang produce the line, which includes those mini-me party dresses, via seamstresses and artisans in New York, which accounts for the sticker shock on a few of their pieces (like the nearly $3,700—and quite sexy—suede biker jacket). But don't whip out your checkbook just yet—their collection, which is a pared-down, lovely lineup of shirtdresses, skirts, and tops in cream and black and dusty rose, is only available at Maxfield in LA. 

"We're taking it slow, [because] we really want to learn the business," Holmes explained, adding, "we're really concerned with what flatters: the pants are high-waisted,"—she pointed to a lean pair of white trousers— "and we're inspired by our friends, who are real women, they have real bodies." Yang leapt up and pulled a colorblocked jumpsuit off a hanger; pale pink front, black back, which Yang explained was Holmes's idea. "I never liked nude on the behind," she said, wrinkling her nose, "it just never worked." As Suri carefully removed her fuchsia ballet flats, looked at them, and slipped them back onto her feet (again: like a fashion editor!), Holmes, who just wrapped a film in Australia, laughed about her multitasking ways (she and Yang email each other ideas about fabric and sketches by way of collaboration). "I've always enjoyed fashion," she said. "It's another creative outlet, and I like to be busy."


*pictured above - Suri & Katie leaving the presentation of Holmes & Yang 2nd Collection on February 11 at Bowery Hotel.