Florida, February 2009

Suri with parents, grandparents and Connor visited the Walt Disney World theme park, where they met princesses Cinderella, Snow White and Aurora at the Once Upon a Time Breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table restaurant.

Suri is wearing Ballerina Princess Belle Costume.

"Suri was wearing a yellow dress like Belle from Beauty and the Beast," says a fellow diner.
The family slipped into the restaurant relatively unnoticed as the princesses were being introduced to the crowd. "It was a family affair – no big entourage," says a fellow diner.
During the prix fixe meal (offerings include scrambled eggs, bacon, French toast and granola), the characters stopped by the table to say hello to the Cruise clan.
"Suri was sitting on Katie's lap just about the whole time," says the source.
At one point, Cruise got up to show his daughter the view from Cinderella's Castle: "He walked her over to the window, and was pointing out things at the Magic Kingdom."
"They just seemed like a regular family," says the source. "They were enjoying themselves."

reported by People.