How to Look Cool On the Dance Floor (just for relax ;) )

Okay, so you're at a party, a club, or anywhere where there's a hot dance beat playing. To be a smooth dude or dudette, just keep the following simple guidelines in mind.

Here's How:
- Listen to the music. As you move, you must move in time with the song. Feel the beat, and respond to it.
- Be creative. If there's a big guitar chord or a little drum pattern, move your body in response to it. It could be any move - you can't go wrong.
- Be aware of your partner. If he/she is doing a move, you might want to do something that mirrors it. And if you don't have a partner, it doesn't matter. You don't need one.
- It doesn't hurt to smile every once in awhile.
- Watch and learn. The best dancers are the ones who have been at it awhile, and they got there by picking up moves from others.
- Here's the big one: relax and enjoy yourself. Who cares what you look like? Have fun.

Remember, no two dancers are exactly alike. You have your own style. Appreciate that.